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Nominate someone for A Free Detail

Here at Salty Mountain Auto Detailing we believe in giving. Once-a-month WE WILL do a free detail for someone or family in need. We will take nomination emails read through them and pick one. Once one is picked we will contact you and make sure the person or family is okay with us doing the detail on their car.

We are giving away one free car detailing service each and every month!

At Salty Mountain Auto Detailing we believe in giving back to our community and paying forward to a new nominee every month. Do you know someone who could really use a break, or a family who may not have the time or resources to put the needed care into their vehicle?

Let’s see what you’ve got! Just describe why your nominee could use a break in one sentence.
Our staff will choose one winner every month. The winning sentence will be the one that describes your nominee, their situation, or even just how wonderful they are. The winning nominee will be contacted directly. Nominees have the right to remain anonymous on social media.


  1. Lil’ Mama who takes baby to the sitter before work and after work.
  2. Carpool Hero made it through your week at the wheel, barely!
  3. His Fuzzy Friend Fozzy just became a septuagenarian (10 yrs.), but we all made it back to our spot, for one last HOORAY!