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Salty Mountain Auto Detail offers the highest quality and professional mobile detailing for all types of personal and professional vehicles.

Professional Mobile Auto Detailing in Utah

We ensure that each of our customer’s vehicles receive the highest standards and best experience. We cater to clients who enjoy the luxury of a detailing service without having to sacrifice convenience.

We Are Available 24 Hours

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We Always Make Your Car
look & feel brand new

We have different options to choose from, that suit your needs the best. Below are some of the stuff we can do and add on to the service you chose.

Exterior Wash

All Exterior Washes Are Foamed, Mitt Washed, Rinsed and Dried Spot Free.

Interior VAC

All our details include a complete interior vacuum from front to back.

Engine Wash

We use a degreaser to clean off the dirt and the grease in the engine bay.

10% off to repeat customers

Flexible Pricing Plans

We have three options for you to choose from. Each option is specifically designed to ensure that your car is taken care of from beginning to end. We want to make sure that our options will fit our customer’s budgets.


This is our showroom interior option if you need the interior looking brandnew this is the option for you.

$150 Sedan $170 Mid-Size SUV    $200 Large SUV Truck

Showroom Exterior/ Interior

This is our interior/exterior option and our most popular option.

$250 / Sedan
$300 /Mid-Size SUV/Small Truck $350/Truck/3rd Row SUV/ Van

Deluxe Exterior/Interior

This is our option to get your car back to show room ready.


Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the process of removing imperfections in a vehicles clear coat. This is achieved by using various techniques, tools and products to massage and/or re level the clear coat back to an almost, if not better-than-new state.

Prices starting at $300

Basic Interior

$130 / Sedan

$150 Mid-Size SUV/ Small Truck

$170 Large Truck/ Mini Van/ 3rd Row SUV

* The basic interior does not include the following. UV plastic treatment, floor mats shined, headliner spot cleaned, small stain treatment on seats and carpet

Service Add Ons

This is services that can be added to the detail package you chose.

Our Booking Process

We make our booking process quick and easy for you to book online. Once your booking is completed, you will receive a confirmation email and you will also receive an email reminder on the day of your scheduled appointment. Our system also gives you an opportunity to save your appointment to your calendar.

Select Your Service

Choose the service that works best for you.

Booking & Confirm

Book a day that works for you & confirm online.

Online Payment

Pay after your service is completed & you're happy.

Get Amazing Service

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!

Nominate someone for A Free Detail

Here at Salty Mountain Auto Detailing we believe in giving. Once-a-month WE WILL do a free detail for someone or family in need. We will take nomination emails read through them and pick one. Once one is picked we will contact you and make sure the person or family is okay with us doing the detail on their car.

We are giving away one free car detailing service each and every month!

At Salty Mountain Auto Detailing we believe in giving back to our community and paying forward to a new nominee every month. Do you know someone who could really use a break, or a family who may not have the time or resources to put the needed care into their vehicle?

Let’s see what you’ve got! Just describe why your nominee could use a break in one sentence.
Our staff will choose one winner every month. The winning sentence will be the one that describes your nominee, their situation, or even just how wonderful they are. The winning nominee will be contacted directly. Nominees have the right to remain anonymous on social media.


  1. Lil’ Mama who takes baby to the sitter before work and after work.
  2. Carpool Hero made it through your week at the wheel, barely!
  3. His Fuzzy Friend Fozzy just became a septuagenarian (10 yrs.), but we all made it back to our spot, for one last HOORAY!